English Dub Screening and panel w/ Special Guests @ awacon 09.30.2017

Your lie in April will be at AnimeWeekendAtlanta(awacon) for an English Dub Screening and panel, featuring Erica Lindbeck! 

Kaori Miyazono Casual Dress Version: When Kaori met Kousei 1/8 Scale Figure Pre-Order Today!! 07.21.2017

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the first two, we bring you the third in the series of Kaori Miyazono figures! Taking what’s known to be one of the most famous scenes, this design depicts Kaori when she meets Kosei. It could only achieve such outstanding quality with these 7 key points in mind:

-Keyart newly illustrated by Character Designer Yukiko Aikei.
-Carefully capturing Kaori’s form as she is caught in the moment with an expression of sorrow.
-Paying close attention to detail by using a clear camisole dress that flows in the wind.
-Using precise detail in the shape and form of the melodica.
-Giving a sense of realness with fallen cherry blossom petals on the base.
-Using fine and exquisite coloring to bring out unprecedented quality and charm.
-Includes 5 standing pigeons serenaded by Kaori, closely representing the scene portrayed. 

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Kaori Miyazono Figure Dress Version 1/8 Scale Pre-Order Today!! 06.02.2016

A new Kaori Miyazono Figure Dress Version 1/8 Scale is exclusively available from Aniplex+.

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Blu-ray Vol.2 Now Available 05.31.2016

Your lie in April Blu-ray Volume 2 Now Available!!
Grab a friend, grab your tissues, and get ready to relive the beautiful, emotional second half of the series!

Screening and Q&A with Special Guests@Anime Central 2016 05.24.2016

Thank you to everyone who came out to our #YLiADUB event last weekend!

We had an awesome time with all of you.

3rd ‪‎Aniplex LIVE‬ Twitch show on this Friday! 04.20.2016

We will have our third episode of ‪#‎AniplexLive‬ on ‪#‎Twitch‬ this Friday (4/22) at 6 PM PDT!
You definitely won't want to miss it!

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Cheers!! 04.19.2016

Congratulations and Thank you #YLiADUB family for an amazing masterpiece.
So many feels, so many memories. We love you so much!

2nd ‪‎Aniplex LIVE‬ Twitch show Today! 04.07.2016

Hey guys! Tune in to our #‎AniplexLive‬ stream on Twitch today at 6 PM PDT for your chance to win one of these awesome autograph boards signed by our Sakura Con and Anime Boston guests!

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Anime Boston 2016 03.31.2016

We had a great time at Anime Boston this year! There were awesome cosplayers, fun Your lie in April events, exclusive autograph sessions, giveaways, and more! Thank you to our special #YLiA guests - Director Kyohei Ishiguro, Character Designer Yukiko Aikei, English ADR Director Patrick Seitz Voice Actor, Max Mittelman, Erica Lindbeck, and Carrie Keranen! It was a truly special experience for all of us!


More details:Aniplex of America Official Facebook

Your Lie in April Top Sugoi Japan Awards 2016 Results 03.25.2016

The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper published the winners of its 2016 Sugoi Japan Awards. The project promoted pop cultural works that fans feel are most deserving of foreign attention. Divided into four categories — anime, manga, light novels, and "entertainment novels" — the awards promote the works that have the "universality," "originality" and "potential" to be big international hits. The time frame is the last 3.5 years, except for anime, which is only from the past year.

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