Episode 4 Synopsis

It's the day of the second round of the preliminaries. Kaori and Kosei await their turn in the hallway of the venue. Noticing that Kosei is a bundle of nerves, Kaori head-butts him. Looking Kosei in the eye, she encourages him by saying, "I know you can do it." And their musical journey, with no clear destination, begins. Although they start off quietly, just as the melody changes, Kaori unleashes her true colors... She starts playing the violin with her whole body. In order to keep pace with her, Kosei plays precisely, never hitting a false note. But the more Kosei focuses on their music, the more the notes disappear, and the less he is able to hear the sound of the piano... Eventually, his accompaniment spins out of control, and he abruptly stops playing. Then Kaori stops playing as well. Smiling, the young girl whispers to him, "Again..."