Episode 6 Synopsis

From the music room at school, the sound of a piano can be heard. It's a recording of Kosei's playing, and his friends are giving it a second listen. Hearing his own performance, Kosei is in shock. Without giving a thought to Kosei's feelings, Kaori informs him that she's already sent in his submission form for a competition. "Why do you play the piano?" asks Kaori. Kosei sits before the piano alone. And so begin the days of Kosei practicing, just him and the piano. Watching Kaori suddenly get closer to Kosei, Tsubaki begins to feel left out. She can see that they both inhabit a musician's world, which she can never enter. During the final days of her summer in junior high, Tsubaki injures her leg during a game, and the team takes a hard luck loss. But, when Tsubaki is suffering from this devastating incident, it’s none other than Kosei who comes to her side.